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Cyclo GearHead for Servo

  • Model No.:FC
  • Made in:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 200.0 ~ 200.0
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Servo precision is on your needs


  • Gearing Arrangement:Planetary

Key Features

Detailed Product Description
-Fine cyclo gearhead
-Compact and high precised
-1 arc min
-gearhead for servo motor

Characteristics and Benefits


The streamlined design of the lightweight aluminum back cover, steel body,

Slim and light form factor, compact and sophisticated thickness than traditional

Planetary reducer, significantly reduced installation elasticity

Can save installation space.


-true circular tooth flank, strong resistance to stress, non-interference does not collapse the tooth,

Can withstand the impact of frequent reversible and transient emergency stop inertia.

-double structure, spread the load balance mechanism, the circular gear design

No wear, running smoother.

-Line of contact transmission , the coefficient of friction, high efficiency, large output torque, low inertia,

Is a precision rigid drive the trajectory of the rigid drive also closest to the ideal curve,

And some components use the scroll teeth differential drive design is slightly different.

-Due to the improved design of conjugate curves and flexible shaft tip output device, the essence of the backlash of this machine can be controlled at a lower range.

-Long-term staple grease, no maintenance, and installation direction is not restricted.

-Force way into the collet models FC-C and keyway models FC-K two kinds, prepared for the option of using.

Main Export Market

India ,Indonesia ,Japan ,Korea, South Korea ,Mainland China ,Philippines ,Taiwan ,Viet Nam