Cycloidal Speed Gearbox

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    Key Features

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           Quality cyclodrive by Varitron from TAIWAN        


               Varitron Cyclo Drive Gear box Speed Reducer Motor F78 wpx


    Product Description


    Main Features


    •  High Efficency 

    •  Durable, Robust Construction

    •  Smooth Operation and Low Noise

    •  High Shock Load

    •  High Reliabilty Cycloidal Gear box

    •  Same installing dimension as SM 6000 Series Cyclo Drive



     Varitron cyclodrive Gear Box Speed Reducer Motor delivers the features today’s industry needs. High reduction ratios, without sacrificing efficiency. Compact designs, without requiring special motors. Exceptional shock load capacity, without having to oversize. The gearbox is deisgn with greater overhung load capacities, without using expensive special components. A precision backlash option, without resorting to special gearing. All of this, while requiring minimal maintenance.




    Model Number       Varitron Cyclo Drive Gear box Speed Reducer Motor F78 wpx
    Speed Reduction MethodInternal planetary gear mechanism with trochoidal curved tooth profile design gear box speed reducer
    Efficiency95% per stage gear box (Rolling motion minimizes friction and wear, reducing heat)
    Shock Load500% as there are only compressive forces rather than shear forces on the tooth
    Gear box Mounting

    Flange or Foot mounting

    Cyclodrive Reduction Ratio

    Up to 1:87 per stage

              1:7569 Double stage

              1:658,503 Triple Stage
    Capacity Range0.1 to 75kW * 4Pole  /  0.37 to 132kW * 6Pole
    EnclosureTotally enclosed fan cooled type IP54 or IP55
    Power SourceThree Phrase 200-480V 50/60Hz (single phrase 0.2 to 3.7kW)
    Thermal ClassF Class insulation, H Class insulation on demand
    Time RatingContinuous Rating

    Gear box

    Lubrication Method
    Grease lubricated, Oil Lubricated or Force oil lubrication system
    Motor (optinal)AC Induction motor ( single phrase or three phrase ), DC motor, Servo Motor, Inverter motor, Brake motor
    Standard CE, UL, CSA, CCC, ISO 9001, ISO14001
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty



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    Gear box speed reducers for Agitators Mixers, Brewing and Distilling, Conveyors, Extruders, Food industry, Metal Mills, Hammer mills, Paper Mills,Lumber Industry, Rubber & Plastics Industries, Sewage Disposal Equipment, Oil Industry, Chemical plant, Textile Industry, Sugar Industry, Dry Dock Cranes.. and many more

    Packaging & Shipping

    Gearbox will be delievery with crate or wooden box.


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