Servo Precise Planetary Gear Reducer

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    Take Control In Speed

    Key Features

    Gearing Arrangement:Planetary

    Output Torque:1180

    Rated Power:40W~15kW

    Input Speed:0~5000rpm

    Place of Origin:Taiwan

    Model Number:DS

    Brand Name:Varitron

    Backlash:below 6 Arcmin

    -Working Temperature: The allowable temperature for a gear reducer under the conditions of continuous and frequency can work at -25~+90 degree working environment.

    -Noise: the noise is measured under the conditions of input speed 3000 rpm, no load ans one meter distance from the gear reducer.

    -Full Load Efficiency: The transmission efficiency of a gear reducer under the maximum loading condition. It is an important evaluation factor for a gear reducer. A gear reducer with high performance.

    -Lubrication: It's no essential to replace lubricant during the service life of the planetary gear reducer.

    -Backlash: When the input end if fixed. the output end runs clockwise and anti-clockwise to create a +2% of the rated torque at the output end. This will result in a slight angular displacement at the output end, which is called as backlash unit in arc-min. (one sixtieth of a degree).

    -Rated Output Torque: Under the rated loading and long time running conditions, the allowable output toque for a gear reducer the maximum output is the double of this value.

    -Average: Service life: Under the rated loading condition the continuous working time for a gear reducer running at the rated input speed.

    -Stage: The sun gear and planetary gear forms an independent speed reduction gear transmission. If the there is only one gear train in the gear reducer, it is defined as one stage transmission. In order to achieve higher speed reduction ratio, multiple stages transmission is required.

    Main Export Market

    ASIA ,Japan ,Taiwan ,Viet Nam