Varitron Ac induction electric IEC 3 Phase Motor

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    Quality AC Motor by Varitron from TAIWAN



  Varitron Ac induction electric IEC 3 Phase Motor


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Varitron Motor aluminum housing / Case Iron three phase AC induction motor,with latest design in entirety,are made of selected quality materials and to the IEC standard. Designed as totally enclosed, outside fan cooled, squirrel cage type, and have the characteristics of novel design, beautiful modeling, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, large torque, excellent starting performance, easy to use and maintain etc. The motors are adopted with F-class insulationAC motors have good performance,safety and reliable operation,nice appearance,and can be main-tained very conveniently,while with low noise,low vibration, light weight and simple construction. Varitron AC motors can be widely used as driving equipment of various machineries, such as machine tools, blowers, 
water pumps, compressors, reducers and in other aspects, such as transportation, agricultural machineries and food processing.
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Cast Iron Induction Electric Motors Specifications 


ItemStandard Specification
RatingType of MotorSCIM‚TEFC
Design StandardIEC‚CNS 
VoltagesRated Voltage: 220V/380V/400V/440V/460V/480V or Bi-Voltage
FrequencyRated Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
Output Range




Time Rating Continuous rating S1, Service factor:1.0/1.15
Frame Size63M~250M
Degree of ProtectionIP54 or IP55 :Totally enclosed
Cooling methodIC411: Self External fan, Surface cooling
Mounting Type

AEEH/AEEP/AEES (IM-1001): Foot Mounting B3

AEVH/AEVP/AEVS (IM-3011): Flange Mounting B5

ApplicationPower Source Conditions

Voltage range: Less than ±10% 

Frequency range: Less than ±5% 

Total range: Voltage and frequency aggregate 10%, but frequency range less than ±5%

Ambient temperature-15~ 40

Less than 90% RH ( Non-Condensation)

AltitudeUp to 1000 Meters
Drive method

Pulley drive, but 2 pole 30HP and above, using coupling drive

Direction of rotationBi-Direction
Stating MethodFull Voltage direct on line or Y/Δ starting
ConstructionBearing Type

Frame 250: Grease lubrication, Full complement cylindrical roller bearings

Frame 63~225: Non grease lubrication, Deep groove ball bearings with contact seals

Terminal box

Terminal box made of pressed steel, Rotatable in 90 degree positions

Standard position of Terminal box is at left side viewed from on-drive end

Lead terminals

The most 12 number of Lead terminals, Earthing Terminal is provided inside the main terminal box

InsulationInsulation class E , B , F

Color: Munsell 7.5BG 4/2



PerformanceTest procedures

Actual test data per IEEE-112 method B

Temperature Rise

Stator: Resistance Method  Class E: 75 below

(Frame: 63M~112M)

Class B: 80 below (Frame: 132S~180M),

  Class F: 100 below (Frame:180L or more)

Excessive Speed Characteristics120% synchronous speed of full load for 2 minutes
Over Torque Characteristics160% torque in percent of full load for 15 seconds




AC MOTOR Dimensions
AC Motor How to order
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Packaging detail:  3 Phase Motor will use wooden case or carton box or according to customer requirement.

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Website: gear.fyi/acm 



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Varitron Engineering (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. establish in 1971, specialist in design, R&D and manufacturing of wide range of high-techpower transmission products, including cyclo gearmotor, helical gear reducers, planetary gear box speed reducers, gearbox and speed variator. In recent decade, to meet customers' requirements of quality and price, we have been dedicated to constantly upgrading the performance of reducers, maximize efficiency, and provide the most comprehensive technical supports.



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