Varitron gear series RV precision cycloidal gearbox

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    • Gearing Arrangement:Harmonic
    • Application:Robotics ARM, Precision control application
    • Certificate:ISO9001, ISO14001
    • Color:Customer Request
    • Manufacturer:Taiwan
    • Material:High Graded Bearing Steel SUJ2
    • Model:RV precision cycloidal gearbox
    • Product name:RV precision cycloidal gearbox
    • Quality Control System:ISO
    • Ratio:30~213
    • Warranty:1 Year Long Life Service

    Key Features

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        Quality RV Precision Gearbox by Varitron from TAIWAN       


    Varitron gear series RV precision cycloidal gearbox


    Product Description



                                                                         Varitron V11 gear series RV precision gearbox cycloidal6.jpg


     The RV series precision cycloidal gear reducer provides high-end performance in a very compact and highly rigid component type configuration.

     The gearbox incorporates rolling contact elements to provide high efficiency and long life.

    √ Integrated angular bearings to support external loads.

    √ 2-stage reduction design to reduce vibration and inertia while increasing ratio capabilities. 





    Main Features





    -Reliability, Long lifetime, Precision

    -Less than 3 arc-min Backlash(High precision 1 arc-min available)

    -Very compact with high torsional rigidity

    -In-line version for greater design and space saving flexibility

    -Integrated Angular bearings for large thrust & overhung moment capacity

    -High Ratio availability up to 1/212, without increasing gearbox size

    -Torque capacity up to 5X rated torque(E-stop)

    -100% Continuous Contact of the cycloidal pin & gear teeth design provides high shock load capacity and very low backlash since forces are distributed throughout the reducer.

    -2-Stage Reduction Structure reduces vibration due to the lower speed rotation of the two cycloidal gears, special input shaft design lowers inertia.





    Quick Facts



    Model Number Varitron gear series RV precision cycloidal gearbox
    Applications measurement machine
    Robot Arms
    CNC machines
    Solar power system
    Semiconductors equipmen





    RV precision gearbox cycloidal Model








    RV precision gearbox cycloidal Operation Directions







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    Packaging & Shipping

    Packaging Detail: RV precision cycloidal gearbox will use wooden case or carton box or according to customer requirement

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    We consistently focus our attention on the quality management system. With our continuously 
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    All our employees take Total Quality Assurance as their common goal and set customers’ 
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