Varitron M01 Durable Design Planetary Gear box

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Planetary DM
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    • Gearing Arrangement:Planetary

    Key Features

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        Quality Gear box by Varitron from TAIWAN



      Varitron M01 Durable Design Planetary Gear box

    Product Description


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    Main Features


    -High Precision Gear 
    The planetary gear and sun gear are manufactured from high quality Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel. Precision machined and carburized, then for precision tooth grinding or skiving assures gears high precision.


    -High Torque and Stability

    High tensile strength alloy steel and improved gear hardening technics employed to maintain high accuracy and long service life. 


    -High Efficiency

    Exceeds 95% for single stage and 92% for Double Stage.


    -Quiet Operation

    Feature design to reduce vibration and noise to under 65dB.


    -Single-piece Gear box & Advanced Surface Treatment
    The gearbox and internal gear ring are single price design and constructed, which is manufactured from Cr-Mo alloy steel, and tempered for high torque output. Gearbox surface is anti-corrosive treated for upgrading environmental resistant and corrosion-resistant capability.


    -Integrated Planetary Arm Bracket
    The planetary arm bracket and the output shaft are single piece design constructed to increase torsional rigidity and accuracy. The entire structure is one-time machined for controlling accuracy in the specified tolerance.


    -Modular Deisgn of Motor Connection Plate
    The special modular design of motor connection plate is suitable for any brand and any type of servomotor. Manufactured from aluminum alloy, its surface is anodized treated for upgrading environmental-resistant and corrosion-resistant capability.


    -Modular Input Shaft
    Modular input shaft design and motor shaft are coupled through a dynamic balanced collar clamping mechanism to ensure connection concentricity and zero slip power transmission at high speed.












    Quick Facts


    Model Number Varitron M01 Durable Design Planetary Gear box
    Speed Reduction Method Planetary gear mechanism with designed tooth profile
    Efficiency 95% per stage gearbox
    Shock Load 300% as there are only compressive forces rather than shear forces on the tooth
    Gear box Mounting Flange Mounting, Foot mounting parts sold separately 
    Reduction Ratio

    Up to 1:10 per stage

              1:1000 on 3-stages

    Capacity Range 100Watt to 11,000Watt
    Enclosure Totally enclosed IP55 
    Power Source Servo motor, stepper motor

    DM series:         below 5arcmin on single stage

    DH / DL series: below 10arcmin on single stage

    Reduction Gearbox

    Lubrication Method
    High viscosity anti-separation grease
    Method of Coupling with Driven Machine Coupling, gears, chain sprocket or belt
    Standard  CE, UL, CSA, CCC, ISO 9001, ISO14001
    Warranty  1 Year Limited Warranty




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    Planetary Gear box Specification  







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    Website: gear.fyi/pgb



    Packaging & Shipping


    Packaging detail:  Planetary Drive Box will use wooden case or carton box or according to customer requirement.


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